Hickory Rustic Dining Table Set with Chairs & Benches

    • Missouri Grown Timber
    • Natural Edges
    • Natural Finish
    • Table Top: LxWxH inches
    • Table Height: X inches
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We retain the natural edge of our splendid Missouri Hickory when constructing this rustic dining table set.  Each set is built by hand; every table and bench will display a different distinctive grain variation for which the hickory is known.  If you have never seen the wood up close, visit our showroom to fully appreciate this amazing tree.  See if you can be the first customer to resist running your hands across one of our hickory dining sets.  (We even catch our craftsmen tracing the natural designs on our tabletops while explaining the piece to visitors.)

Old timers preferred the wood as their choice for fencing and hand tools because hickory is an exceptionally hard wood.  So we felt it the perfect choice for a dining table set. You will admire this functional piece of art each time you sit with friends and family at our rustic table.  Family-style benches and solid, classic end chairs compliment this set’s honest yet earthy design.  Part of our Ozark Bluff Collection (Shown here with a clear finish. See our Custom Furniture section if you desire alternative stains or sizes.)

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