Buckboard Rustic Coffee Table - Buckboard Red Oak - Metal Copper Pipe Legs - 48" x 23"

Actual Product Will Vary Slightly from Pictures Because They Are Individually Hand Crafted

You found it. A standout coffee table that fits your aesthetic.

The best part is that it's handmade with attention to detail by craftsmen who want you to say, "Wow!" when you open the box. 

The arcing saw marks of the large round saw mill blade are still partly visible in this rough cut oak wood. Finish is applied to protect the wood, but the natural look and feel comes through.

Each table is as unique as your fingerprint-- made from oak slabs cut from logs harvested from the Ozark forests of Missouri with the modern contrast of sleek copper pipe.

When we choose our logs we look for ones that can retain the live edge of the tree.

The oak shelf adds both function and refinement. It is easily inserted or removed. The 3/4 inch copper pipe that forms the legs is sweat bu hand with a torch like plumbers of days gone by, and the 1/2 inch diagonal copper struts and copper fittings are secured with cotter pins through the copper pipe and fittings to provide easy assembly and solid fixation.

You won't find anything like this table at anywhere near this price because the big furniture companies just can't produce such a unique coffee table. Before our craftsmen can begin to make your piece of functional art we make sure we have the highest quality raw materials.

It requires special handling of the lumber from the time the tree is cut to its processing at the sawmill and then the specialized kiln drying. 

  • 5 minute easy assembly
  • Locally sourced and produced by small businesses in Missouri


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