Buckboard Rough Cut Bedroom Set with Antler Accents

  • This rustic bedroom set is cut with a large rough saw blade that gives a unique visual pattern to the surface of your furniture.

    • Rough cut saw marks
    • 5 piece set: king or queen size bed, 2 night stands, mirror, chest of drawers (5 drawers), and lowboy dresser
    • Antler accents
    • Dimensions: 00 x 00 inches
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What is a Buckboard Anyway?

A buckboard is a four-wheeled wagon of simple construction meant to be drawn by a horse or other large animal.[1] The “buckboard” is the front-most board on the wagon that could act as both a footrest for the driver and protection for the driver from the horse’s rear hooves in case of a “buck”. Back in the day, these boards were rough cut at the sawmill and not dressed up or completely smoothed out.  So it is with our Buckboard Collection rustic bedroom set.  Don’t worry though it not so rough that it will snag your clothes-  no it’s tamed to the point that it is smooth and civilized. Think of it as a rare steak, it is  close  to the natural wood, but a bit refined.   Whether your bones are aching because you rode the wildest bull at the rodeo or you just put in a hard day at work, this is a bed you can literally fall into when you need some rest. Like the “buck” board on the wagon, this furniture will offer rest, protection, and peace of mind for many years to come.

Custom Accents Options  of Rope and Antler are optional.  Have an item you want incorporated into your bed or bedroom set?  Let us know…..  your favorite silver dollar your Dad gave you- we can inlay it- no problem.  Want to incorporate antlers from some sheds you found?  We can do that too.

Your Sawmill Blade is How Big?

Have you ever seen a saw blade almost 5 feet tall?  Well we operate a sawmill with a 56 inch blade at Niangua Rustic Furniture. Our sawmill operators grew up doing just this type of work on just this type of sawmill.   We do that so that we can create the type of wood with precisely the right character, including saw marks to remind people of simpler times, honest times when what you saw is what you got.   When the blade is 56 inches in diameter, and it is spinning rapidly through a large log, there is some serious sawdust flying.  That is how it used to be done and there are still a lot of barns dotting the countryside sporting the rough cut oak with the arcs on the face of the siding placed there by the large circular saw blade the day it went from a tree to a board.

If You Visit Our Community, You Will Understand

When you put this Buckboard Collection Rough Cut Oak bedroom set in your bedroom, the marks made on the day your bedroom set stopped being a tree and started to be a piece of furniture will still be there.  We think they help us remember simpler times when raw horse power and a skilled sawmill operator started the conversion from log to furniture.  Some days, if you hang around the Showroom at Niangua Rustic Furniture you just might see a buckboard heading down the road behind a fine steed.  Once in a while there might even be a small load of lumber aboard.  Now that you have read this, if you stopped to talk to the driver and if you glanced at his load you would know whether our sawmill cut the lumber when you searched the surface of the wood for the arcs of a grand old circular saw blade.

Character Matters With People and Their Furniture

The furniture in this collection is solid as can be, that just goes without saying when you take one look at it.  But its sturdiness is only part of the story, for the other qualities of this set are what set it apart.  After all,  if durability and strength were all that mattered, a concrete bedroom set would be standard.  No, strength is not the “strength” of this set, it really is honesty.  Honesty is  really what this bedroom set imparts to those who view it and use it.  It is built to remind us of our connection to the earth, to the natural environment.  Starting as a standing tree, felled by local loggers, sawn in our mill in the old ways, kiln dried in our shop, your log is then forged into furniture without hiding any of the unique qualities of the wood.  While we apply finish to make the wood last, there is no effort to create that glass like surface with multiple layers of lacquer making a mirror surface.   If there was a branch there you will see the knot.  If a woodpecker worked on a part of your bed when it was still being a tree, that mark is still there.  Nothing is filled with wood putty or epoxy because we do not view irregularities as defects, but as character marks.  Just like a person carries scars from years ago, trees do too, and we think you are prepared to accept the tree that is now your bed or chest of drawers just as it is, scars, knots, character and all.

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