Custom Family Name Cedar Porch Sign

  • Claim your porch with a handmade, high quality cedar porch sign!

    • Customizable up to 12 letters
    • Large cross cut cedar
    • 2 cedar logs as base
    • Dimensions: 00 x 00 inches
  • Don't live nearby? We can help you arrange freight shipping. Even on the big stuff.

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Welcome your guests before they even knock on the door.

When friends and family walk up to your front door, welcome them with this natural, earthy, custom carved cedar log signage.   Whether your front door is the entryway  for a log home in Wyoming,  or a  in the Catskills of New York, , or anywhere in between, this rustic, family name cedar log sign will say ‘Welcome’ to all your guests.  The letters are carved into the wood by one of our craftsmen, not just painted on.  Then the stain is applied to the surface, and when dry then the cedar log cross section is passed through a wide belt sander so that all stain is removed except for the stain in the relief of the carved letters.  That makes the letters really ‘pop’.  After that, the finish is applied and the sign is assembled.  Custom lettering for names up to 12 letters included in pricing.

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