Cedar Bar Stool

  • You must be wondering where this stool has been all your life: thick cedar seat, hickory sapling legs, it's basically the full package.

    • 5 1/2 inch cedar seat
    • Winter hickory sapling legs
    • Pub or bar height
    • Dimensions: 00 x 00 inches
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Our Cedar Bar Stools have a unique history.  Experts in timber management noticed an overly dominant hickory species in a nearby state forest and issued contracts for limited harvest.  Our company participated in the management program, which initiated the idea for this design.

It was a win-win situation:  We helped manage the country’s forests, secured a fine product, and allowed our customers to enjoy the unique strength and durability of these fine hickory legs.

But what our customers don’t see when they purchase these outstanding cedar stools are Niangua craftsman harvesting the trees during the coldest days of the year.  Other folks might wait for a warmer day, but we understand that the longevity of any bark-on product depends on a frigid day.  So the next time there’s a record-breaking cold snap, enjoy a cup of hot spiced cider under a warm quilt…and think of us out there in the woods doing what we do best:  making furniture for you.

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