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Large Harvest Table in Shop

Have a large family or just like to have lots of friends over, this table can get you all sitting together, with no one having to sit at the kids' table, which,  if your family is like mine,  is often a folding card table  that is put up for just such gatherings when seats at the normal size table run out. Well no more, everybody gets a place at this table!  Why not purchase a lasting functional work of art instead of a table bought at a big box furniture store. 

Family and friends far in the future will speak of the dinners and evenings enjoyed around this beauty, which is, in its own right, a topic of conversation, invoking visions of craftsmen who built this country, and days gone by when  "Made in America" was much more common.  A table just like this one, or one with your own customizations can be made just for you, just for the space you have in mind. Why buy  that boring table that a lot of others have, from a mass production store, when for just a little more, you can have a memorable piece of furniture that truly is a functional work of art, as it  allows you to enjoy a dinner and the conversation of friends and relatives sitting around it.  This table and chair set could become part of the family memories, and in a way part of the family. 

You can't say that about the mass produced tables you will see in other places. With a  solid look and feel, this is one hearty piece of furniture, and at 12 feet long, it will accommodate family gatherings with ease. The table and chairs are made from kiln dried oak cut from sawmills in our area and kiln dried in our facility. Our craftsmen then use their skill, experience and love of the work and the wood to create a unique piece of history for your family.   Each portion of the joinery of this table is made just the way the whole table is,   the old fashioned way, by hand, one at a time,  the way that lasts.  Call us, we'd be glad to talk with you about the table you have in mind and we will be happy to give you a quote, which includes free shipping.

Keith Frederick
Keith Frederick


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