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Our shop is in rural Missouri, not far from a well known Missouri State Park, Bennett Spring, a famous trout fishing area. We have a unique business and we are very proud of what we have built.  It has not happened overnight, but one at a time we have built a loyal following of folks mostly in Missouri who find our furniture fits their lifestyle just right.  The quality, durability and one of a kind nature of our creations is what brings people back. We make our furniture pieces from logs cut in our 'neck of the woods' , cut into lumber in sawmills in our neighborhood, kiln dried in our shop, and then custom worked to the finished piece you see on these web pages. We use logs custom cut to our specifications from sawmills right in our neighborhood.  We then bring this lumber to our shop where we  kiln dry it.  We have several kilns each suited to certain species and thicknesses.  For instance 3 inch thick hardwoods like walnut (plentiful in our area) are best dried in our vacuum kiln, which removes moisture from the wood at a much lower temperature and more efficiently than other kilns since the water evaporates at a much lower temperature (starting at about 115 degrees F),  when a vacuum is present.  We also have a 4,000 board foot dehumidification kiln and two traditional cycle-venting  kilns. After drying, we bring the lumber to the proper dimensions, but for the key boards used for most of our distinctive furniture, the live edge of the tree (minus the bark) is preserved throughout the process.  This is something that the mass producers of furniture just can't do.  It does not scale well into a large, high volume operation. Our new showroom is currently under construction right next to our shop.  It is located on Highway E, near Tunas, Missouri.  Come visit us, we would love to show you own creations first hand.  When you see it and touch it, we think you will agree that we provide furniture that is functional art, of heirloom quality, with value pricing. So that's our niche and we are happy to be able to provide you with furniture you really can't get any place else.  Our success can be traced really to making people very happy with the purchases they make from us.  Part of that is producing quality products from carefully selected locally grown timber, and skillfully constructing it, and part of that success is what many people refer to as customer service-  we call it  treating people right.    


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